Our Story


All good stories begin with ‘Once Upon a Time’ & ours begins in June 2016 to be precise. Our dadpreneur, Akshay, a textile exporter & a childrenswear buyer spotted a gap in the market for affordable, basic and quality kidswear that got him to start 'Little Clothings' as an infants and kids daily wear clothing store.

Fast forwarding to today, we have grown our collection not only domestically but have expanded in the international markets as well by supplying comfortable nightwear for all kids upto 10 years of age & festive Kurta sets for boys. 

Designed for simplicity and comfort, our clothes are made from soft, natural fabrics with smooth seams and no scratchy, itchy bits. And as they say, parents know best! 

Whether it’s because we choose quality, comfort and practically natural fabrics that last or because we add gorgeousness to simplicity. Whatever it is, we love it!!!

And you will too!!!